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Board Members

AGQA Committee of Board Members comprises
of highly qualified, accomplished, and renowned
higher education professionals.

AGQA Accreditation Criteria

American Gulf Qualification Authority implements a detailed and comprehensive accreditation process that involves several important elements essential to ensure maximum compliance with the higher education standards.

Criterion I - Mission

AGQA critically examines higher education institutes' stated mission above all. It critically analyzes the extent to which an institute adheres and implements it as stated. It focuses to ensure that the scope of the mission has been well- articulated or it still needs improvement. It also requires the institute to publicly represent its research, scholarship, and academics.

Criterion II - Integrity

The second criterion followed by AGQA is to critically assess the integrity of the educational institute and identifies appropriate implementation of the various processes and structures such as the university board, administration, faculty, staff, and students.

Criterion III - Student Learning and Effective Teaching

AGQA ensures that the institute is completely capable of presenting evidence for effective implementation of the various student learning and teaching practices as per the required standards.

Criterion IV - Application of Knowledge

  • AGQA examines that the institution demonstrates its stated quality of education through the actions of its board members, administrators, students, faculty, and staff.
  • AGQA also emphasizes upon identifying that the stated breadth of knowledge and skills are truly delivered to the students which are integral to its education programs.