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Committed To Promoting
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About American Gulf
Qualification Authority

The American Gulf Qualification Authority is an independent, statutory, and autonomous regulatory authority responsible for overseeing, accrediting, regulating, and funding higher education institutions in the Middle East. It is an official authority committed to bringing the highest level of excellence and brilliance to higher education by following the best systems and policies. It also offers extensive support, services, development opportunities, and assistance to students, faculty, and universities in the Middle East.

Our Mission

The great majority of American Gulf Qualification Authority members are quality assurance agencies.

Our Vision

"The American Gulf Qualification Authority strives to serve students, faculty, and universities as a trusted accreditation body for maintaining the best higher education standards.”

President’s Message

We value quality higher education and always look forward to ensuring the finest higher academic standards across the Middle East for universities, colleges, and high schools.

American Gulf Qualification Authority Membership

Members of The American Gulf Qualification Authority Members are its trusted quality assurance agencies. These agencies operate in a number of ways and encourage others to join as its associate members and contribute their efforts in maintaining the highest quality standards in Higher Education.

According to the current membership criteria, policies, and procedures, the American Gulf Qualification Authority requires its members to critically maintain maximum quality and accountability in terms of the higher education standards in the Middle East. It allows the American Gulf Qualification Authority to keep instilling trust, authenticity, and credibility among the Higher Education Community in the Middle East.

Becoming A Member Will Allow You To:
  • Access the Entire Database of Consultants
  • Promote Events through the American Gulf Qualification Authority Website
  • Receive Electronic Publications from the American Gulf Qualification Authority
  • Avail Grants on Organizing Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops


The American Gulf Qualification Authority is a trusted and recognized independent regulatory authority for Higher Education which operates all across the Middle East.

Our network of member agencies and associates allow us to successfully ensure and maintain the highest quality standards for traditional and non-traditional higher education institutes in each of the regions.

Our expansive existence in the Middle East provides complete support and grants for organizing seminars, workshops, and conferences to higher education institutes and other key stakeholders in every region.